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Offering new veneer cabinets for your favorite receiver, amplifier, preamp and tuners from the golden age of the sixties and seventies for many of the most popular Fisher, HH Scott, McIntosh and others. If not stocked, I can make a cabinet for you, and better made than the originals. The cabinets are very high quality with book matched high grade walnut veneers.

Almost any McIntosh amplifier, tuner and preamp from old to current production can have a cabinet made made for it. Also for McIntosh owners, you can have your power conditioners and many other pieces of equipment with a matching cabinet. These are all made to your order and specifications, with choice of thickness of Finnish birch, veneers and final finish from a light satin to a semi-gloss. These cabinets are designed with the upmost in care and only the finest of materials are used - the workmanship and materials is significantly better than the origianls.

These cabinets have been designed to closely resemble the original cabinets with modern construction techniques with many improvements and options to wood and finish desired by you. Cabinets are constructed one at a time with the greatest in care and attention to detail. You will be very pleased.
    ¤ Highest grade Finnish Birch (3/4 inch is 13 ply) used in all cabinets.
    ¤ Modern waterproof adhesives with superior strenght.
    ¤ All cabinets are doweled or biscuit joined for superior strenght for a lifetime.
    ¤ Even flow of veneer grain from side to top to side - most originals never did this.
    ¤ Choice of veneer and finish to match your taste and room decor.
    ¤ High grade walnut fronts to match cabinets (or maple, cherry, etc.).
    ¤ Cabinets made for models where none is available (Fisher X-1000, McIntosh MC352, example).

Showing large McIntosh group with 6 of my cabinets. A Gorgeous Listening Room.

Cabinet Construction
    ¤ Cabinets are precision cut from 3/4 inch European Baltic Birch 13 ply Cabinet Grade plywood, European Birch is beautiful and is from their virgin forests, it is in short supply as it is cut only part of year and has a high European demand, for its easy machineing, stays dimensionally flat and veneer bonds permanetly.
    ¤ All cabinets are glued with a high quality waterproof glue and then doweled for additional strength on case sides, top & bottom, the number of dowels is normally three per glue joint or 12 dowels per cabinet. Heavy amps can receive up to 5 per glue joint, or 20 dowels per cabinet. Cabinet is kept under pressure while glue joints cure. The cabinet is then sanded to get ready for veneering.
    ¤ Veneering is next, sheets are normally purchased as 4 x 8 ft, the veneer is cut so that the grain flows from side to top to side. If not using a solid walnut wood in front, extra is allowed so that veneer front top and sides also flows into grain for a perfect match. Veneer is applied with a high quality veneer adhesive designed for no bleed through on wood. Each side and top piece is individually done with matching backing block and put under pressure for 6 hours (takes 2 days to veneer a cabinet). Veneer is hand trimmed and final sanded to cabinet with an aluminum sanding block for razor sharp edges.
    ¤ The grill is made from steel and is heavy guage, and matches closely to original grills with slightly larger holes for more heat dissipation with tube amps. Replacement grills are available.
    ¤ Finishing is normally done with 3 plus coats of Satin Urethane, this finish is very long lasting and can be waxed. The brand use is General Finishes Wipe-On Satin Urethane, also all stains are from same manufacturer. They produce a very high quality stain and finish line, more expensive but gives superior results. All stains and finishes are applied by hand, no brushes/sprays are used. From start to finish, everything is oil based, I use no water based products. The cabinet finish will last well past your lifetime.