For Sale World Bullion 1 Ounce Silver Coins

A collection of World Mint Bullion silver coins, virtually all of the bullion is 1 ounce pure silver .999 percent, a few Canada and Britannia are 1 1/2 oz and 2 oz are labeled.

Coin phtographs: these are all natural and brilliant, however my photos are not the best, photography of shiny metal is hard. The newer photos are slightly larger and generally a grey rather than white background. Will take new photos of any coins if need be, just let me know.

These have all been handled with the utmost care and all but the slab coins have new Airtite Model I holders with the white ring, this is the premier holder in the market. Collection has always been properly stored in bank vault and home safe. Any handling that was ever needed was down with jewerly style white cotton coin gloves.

I have selected my coins mostly for appreciation value as most of them have very limited mintages, many collectors value the lower mintage coins as they are much harder to aquire and hense their appreciation is much greater.
Almost of these are 38mm, 39mm and 40mm diameter and lend themselves to the many styles of silver pendents available anywhere on internet. They make great necklaces, many buy their favorite animal, from Koala bear's to birds, and horses. These make great gifts.
Enjoy looking at collection and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Coins will ship out within 2 days by USPS and have a tracking number. Shipping is free in USA. No Mininum.

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2016 Reverse Proof 1/2 oz
Price $53

Rose Gold Gilt - NGC PF68

2015 Red-Tailed Hawk Gold Gilded
Price $63

Mintage Very Limited

2014 Bald Eagle Gold Gilded
Price $68

Mintage Very Limited

2013 Double Rim Gilded Maple Leaf
Price $58

Mintage 200

2014 Green Enamel Impression
Price $58

Box & COA - Mintage 7,500

Box & COA

Outer Box

2013 Red Enamel Impression
Price $58

Mintage 10,000

Boz & COA

Outer Box

2004 Colorized Red Maple Leaf - Winter
Price $68

Mintage 27,000W -With Box & COA

Box & COA

Outer Box

2002 Loon Hologram Price $43

Tilt for many Color Combinations
Mintage 29,970

With Box & COA

2001 Colorized Red Maple Leaf - Autumn
Price $58

Mintage 47,709

Box, no COA

Australia - Perth Mint

2017 Australian Koala
Price $29

Yr of Rooster Privy - Mintage 25,000

2017 Australian Kookaburra
Price $28

Shark Privy - Mintage 50,000

2016 Stock Horse - Reverse proof
Price $58

Certificate # 4695 of 10,000


2012 Fiji - Temple Gates Kori Agung
Price $48

Temple Gates Enlarged

Mintage 999 - Very Rare

Gilded Bullion

2012 Australian Koala
Price $48

First in 500 Group - NGC MS69
Mintage 4,666

Cook Islands

2014 Cook Islands
Shades of Nature - Bee - Price $158

The Bee is Lazer Engraved

Comes with COA and Mint Capsule
The case is misc for protection.


2014 Creatures of Myth & Legend - Pegasus
Price $118

Max Minted 1000 - PF69 Ultra Cameo - Early Release

Rare COA #1052 of 2500

2015 Year of the Goat
Price $54

Mintage 1000 - PF69 Ultra Cameo

Great Britain - Britannia Series

2017 Britannia - 20th Annniversary
Price $30

Mintage 120,000

2015 Britannia
Price $38

Mintage 250

Britannia Lunar Coins

2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey
Price $32

Mintage 138,888

2014 Lunar Year of the Horse
Price $32

Mintage - 300,000

UK Landmark Series

2017 Big Bend
Price $30

Have 2 Available.

United Kingdom Piedforts and Silver Proofs

1990 Piedfort - Badge of Scotland - 5 Pence
Price $29

Mintage 10,000 Weight & Diameter 6.5gr 18mm