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Veneers in Stock:
Black American Walnut
Medium Red Cherry
Premium Hard Maple
Red Padauk

Premium Veneers:
Walnut Burl Wood
Birdseye Maple

Fisher Deluxe - 400, 500 B/C, 800 B/C

This is the most popular of The Fisher 500 series cabinet. Offering new Fisher cabinets for the 400, 500 B/C and 800 B/C models, these are the best made cabinets and are thicker and better made than the originals with Finnish 13 ply 3/4 inch birch. The cabinets are very high quality with veneers that flow evenly from side to top to side. The cabinets are built to outlast your lifetime with the sides doweled to tops and bottoms for superior strenght. Veneers are expertly cold pressed and matched to cabinet individually then aluminum sand blocked to give razor sharp edges. These are available in all veneers, and premium/exotic raw veneers.
Prices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple $350; Walnut Burl Wood, Birseye Maple $430

Solid Thick Walnut Front

Black American Walnut

Beautiful Quality Veneers

Ribbon Stripe Mahognay

Beautiful Warm Wood

Matching Ribbon Front & Legs

AAA Quilted Bubinga

Executive 800-C

Gold Isolation Cones

Walnut Burl Wood

Fisher Grand - 400, 500 B/C, 800 B/C

The Fisher Grand Series offers a new look to your Fisher with a great inset style for the faceplate, with 45 degree set back end caps, this will keep the end of knobs even with the front edge. This cabinet is stocked with adjustable brass isolation cones in a gold color or you can have matching wood legs. Cabinet measures an impressive 21" long, 16" deep and 7.5" tall and with isolation cone feet 8.25" tall.
Prices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple $395; Walnut Burl Wood, Birseye Maple $515, Gold Isolation Cones $55 extra, standard is wood feet.

Fisher 100, 200, KX & KM Series

These cabinets are identical to the larger fisher, but are designed to fit the smaller integrated amps, and tuners. There is no complete list of models, but will fit any with a faceplate of 15 1/8 inches wide by 4 13/16 inches, yours should measure at that or a 1/16" difference. A tuner option is available with no screen, as its not needed, there is a large cutout in bottom plus the back is fully open for airflow. Please measure your faceplate first before ordering. Models that should fit are; Integrated Amps: X-100, X-100-B, X-202-B, KX-100, KX-200; Pre-amps: 400CX-2; Tuners: FM-50-B, FM-100-b, FM-200, FM-200-B, KM-60. This list is not inclusive, if you know of a model with the faceplate dimensions above, email or phone me.
Prices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple $345 with screen; Walnut Burl Wood, Birseye Maple $430 with screen, Tuners can have solid tops for $10 less.

Black Walnut

Older Screen

New Ones have Heavy Screen

Curly Cherry

Tuner Option Full Top

Georgian Red (full red)

Fisher X-1000 Integrated Amp & FM-1000 Tuner

For the guys who have the largest of Fishers integrated amps and tuner, a cabinet is avaialble, the one shown has a larger screen opening to have the transformer and the after market tall tubes fit with no problem. Normally made in a high grade walnut veneer, it can be ordered with your choice of veneers, front wood trim and screen size: normal for standard NOS tubes, large for tall after market tubes.
Prices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple $365; Walnut Burl Wood, Birseye Maple $445, Tuner can have solid top $10 less.

Fisher 500-S, TA-600

This cabinet is for the first Fisher receivers with a faceplate of 16 15/16 by 4 13/16 inch, does not fit TA-800 (trim is thick).
Prices: Walnut, Cherry, Maple $350; Walnut Burl Wood, Birseye Maple $430

Pablo's 500-S in Spain

Black American Walnut

Large Heavy Metal Grill

An Old & New Fisher Cabinet Compared

Shown below is a new Fisher cabinet for the 100/200/KX/KM Series, and an original. The old one came with a beautiful Fisher FM-50B for $159 I bought on eBay, I sold the original cabinet, worthless to me but I thought it may fetch $70 on eBay. Buyer paid $158 for it and I see these outrageous prices everyday on eBay, for a little more money you receive a furniture quality cabinet that will last and be gorgeous for years to come. This is true with almost all Fishers, Scotts and McIntosh cabinets, many have been re-oiled and touched up with unknown stuff from their garage. Which one do you want in your living room.