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Veneers in Stock:
Black American Walnut
Medium Red Cherry
Premium Hard Maple
Red Padauk

Premium Veneers:
Walnut Burl Wood
Birdseye Maple

Schedule I am not taking cabinet orders due to work at this time. Email requests for cabinets are not answered.

Cabinet Pricing Cabinet Prices are listed under each model for Fisher, Scott, Marantz and McIntosh, shipping prices are below. Over 90% of cabinets are done in walnut - the traditional favorite. Send a quick note and I will provide a price for your equipment.

Cabinet Requests For McIntosh, Fisher, Scott and Marantz, please let me know your brand and model number. I only make cabinets for those 4 brands, nothing else.

I am taking virtually no orders due to work keeping me very busy at the moment, if that changes I will update website.

Send email to:

Payment Details Payments by Paypal, Check or Money Order in US only. If non-US use Paypal only. Many orders can be a deposit of 50% and balance due when done. Balance is due before shipping.

Shipping All cabinets are sent in new heavy duty shipping cartons, I use commercial bubble wrap, then the box is peanut packed. All shipments are by Fedex, to home or office, no PO Boxes.
Shipping most cabinets with Fedex Ground and is $35 in US for all Eastern and Central Time Zone States, large McIntosh add $10 for $45.
The states of CA, OR, WA and NV are $60 for standard box shipping, large McIntosh add $5 for $70.
The States of MT, ID, WY, UT, CO, AZ, and NM are $50 for standard box shipping, large McIntosh add $10 for $60.
The States of AK and HI inquire.

All shipments are insured, and a tracking number is provided. For World Wide Shipping, I use USPS (United States Postal Service), insurance and tracking is standard, most European countries are $75 plus for regular size cabinets. If you have special shipping requirements, email or call.

About Me This is a hobby that I enjoy, but with my regular work, I build very few cabinets, so it may not be possible to do a cabinet for you, check around there are others that build cabinets. My regular work is I am a builder with primarliy residential and some commercial. Most cabinet orders are ready to ship in 5 to 6 weks depending on number in lineup and occasionally I travel for work, and can take up to 8 weeks.